Important Questions to Ask Potential Dairy Products Suppliers

by | Jul 13, 2017 | Food and Drink


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Fresh dairy products are critical to your business, so it’s important that you choose your dairy products supplier carefully. Here are five important questions to ask any dairy products supplier you’re considering working with.

  1. Do you guarantee freshness? Dairy products have one of the shortest shelf lives of any food you’ll purchase. To protect your investment, it’s critical that your dairy products suppliers deliver products that are the freshest you can find.
  2. Can I count on regular deliveries? When dairy deliveries are late or missed, you may not have everything you need to do business. Be sure that you choose a reliable vendor with a regular delivery schedule. Because of the short shelf life of dairy products, you should expect your dairy vendor to deliver more frequently than some other food vendors.
  3. What can I get besides milk? You can run your business more efficiently if you can get multiple products from your dairy supplier. Find out what products they deliver in addition to milk and cream.
  4. Are your products directly from the farm? One of the benefits of choosing a dairy products supplier as opposed to buying your milk and other dairy products from a general food vendor is the ability to get farm fresh products. Before you choose a dairy vendor, be sure their products are straight from the farm.

Using a specialty dairy products supplier offers you a great way to gain a little edge on your recipes. Fresh from the farm dairy products add creaminess and flavor it’s impossible to duplicate with inferior products. Spend a little time evaluating dairy vendors before choosing one to work with. Finding the right dairy products supplier in Ohio makes all the difference when it comes to ensuring the dairy products you use are the best money can buy.

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