The Radon Testing Kansas City Property Owners Need

When it comes to radon testing Kansas City residents, like those throughout the region, should consider having this important and often life-saving test run. Radon is a type of radioactive gas that is not uncommon in homes across the country. It is very common for people not to know it is there- and that can be very worrisome for health. What should you know about it? When should you have your home tested?

What to Know About Radon Testing

When it comes to radon testing, Kansas City homeowners should know a few things. First, radon is a type of gas that comes from the natural breakdown of soil, rock and water’s uranium. As this material breaks down over time, it will get into the home. It comes in through very small cracks and holes in the property’s foundation. Because it is there, there is a risk to your health. Radon normally raises upwards into the ground to the air located above the foundation and in the home.

When Should You Have a Test?

Radon testing is not uncommon. It may be required in many situations including when individuals decide to buy a home. The Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) recommends that all new homeowners who are buying or those who are selling an existing home have the home tested for radon.
Additionally, if a home was just built, the home buyer should ask if the construction company uses radon-resistant features and has had the home tested. If there is radon present, it should be fixed if it is above a level 4 rating. And, it is also important to take steps to prevent it.

For those who need radon testing, Kansas City residents should not put off the process. It does not take long and can be cost effective.


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