Are You Interested In Vaping On An E-Cig In Meridian MS?

Maybe you are already an aficionado of vaping and know exactly what we are talking about here. Alternatively, maybe you have heard associates speak about electronic cigarettes and wish to find out more about trying an E-Cig In Meridian MS for yourself?

For The Aficionado
It is most likely that this will be a person who used to smoke tobacco products and (for whatever reason) has switched over to the electronic version; whereby, instead of getting satisfaction from inhaling the products of tobacco combustion they now inhale a vapor generated in a small device popularly known as an e-cig (or electronic cigarette). Hence the term “vaping” being applied by those who indulge in such activity.

Brief History
This is not a particularly new device – one Herbert A. Gilbert patented something very similar in the USA in 1963; but this was never commercially viable. However, in 2003 a Chinese inventor called Hon Lik came out with what was to become the first commercially successful vaping device. Lik had given up tobacco smoking following the death of his father from lung cancer. Since he intended his device to be an alternative to tobacco smoking; he included nicotine in the mix of liquids to be vaporized in the device. The news of his device spread quickly over the internet and, by 2004, people in the US were obtaining devices and liquids through internet ordering direct from China. This became so popular that whole e-commerce sites were setup to enable people outside of China to obtain both the devices and the liquids.

For The Would Be Novice
Today, many people are perfectly happy to order just about anything online from just about anywhere in the world and they have full faith in the quality of such supplies as well as the secure payment methods and reliable, inexpensive speedy deliveries right to their door. However, even they might be reluctant to use such methods simply to try something that is new to them

They would prefer to go into a bricks and mortar shop; see the product for themselves, talk about it with a real live person and, maybe, give it a trial before making their purchase. For a variety of reasons; there still seems to be a dearth of e-cig shops on main streets and malls in America.

The Twisted Mist Vape Shop was established to help fill this void. Not only for novices but for the dedicated vaper who would prefer a real shop when looking for new supplies of hardware and vaping juices. In Mississippi you can check them out for an E-Cig in Meridian MS; they even provide a superb lounge dedicated to vaping on their premises.


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