AR Accessories You Need To Own

Owning an AR rifle is something that is a goal for many people, and these weapons are considered very user-friendly even for novice shooters. Interestingly enough, many people don’t realize that the AR in AR rifles actually doesn’t stand for assault rifle but actually for ArmaLite rifle, the company that first developed and marketed the weapon in the 1950s.

It is estimated that AR rifles, and the demand for AR accessories, will continue to grow as these are the top sporting rifle in the United States. They are legal to own in all 50 states, and they come in a wide variety of different chamberings for all types of gun owner preferences.

Depending on how you use the weapon, from target practice to hunting or even competitions, these are some of the most reliable, accurate and durable weapons out there. Choosing specific AR accessories to enhance the performance of the weapon or just to make it more personalized adds to the functionality of the gun.


Having a good selection of magazines available for AR rifles is always an important consideration. Extra magazines are a great gift to a rifle owner, and also a great gift for yourself. With a good selection of magazines ready to go, you can head out the range or enjoy a day of hunting with all the equipment you need ready to use.

Another important accessory to consider with magazines is replacement springs. In most situations replacing the spring is all that will be needed to give your old magazines that like new repair.

Sights and Scopes

Having the right sights or moving from your current scope to new, upgraded option can also be a great investment in AR accessories. There are several different options from full mounts for a scope to simply choosing higher or lower rings for better scope positioning.

Flip up front and rear sights are always popular, and the packages available today come in different colors to allow you to personalize your weapon and get just the look you want.

Additional Components

The top companies offering AR accessories will also provide gun owners with everything they need to change out old components on their guns. This includes different options in barrels, new designs in charging handles and even semi-automatic bolt carriers.

Other components to look for should be different types of butt stock mounts, combat latches, brakes, gun blocks and rail risers, all which allow that extra level of customization that turns a gun into your weapon of choice.


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