An Innovative Approach to Handling Multipacks

Does your business produce a lot of bottles in multipacks? Perhaps you are looking for a way to cut costs and increase efficiency. Many companies are turning to a high tech solution with custom made injection molded handles created from HDPE. Let’s take a closer look at this material, what it is, and what it can do for your business.

What is HDPE?

HDPE stands for high density polyethylene. HDPE is plastic material which is very stout in nature. For example, when you buy a six pack of soda pop in bottles it may come with very soft plastic rings. This is low density polyethylene and it has its place in industry today, but HDPE is superior for many uses.

HDPE is so strong it can be an effective handle and carry case for bottles of liquids weighing a great deal. Standard packing methods with low density polyethylene simply cannot stand up to the demands of many of today’s large bottles and multipacks.

HDPE for Packing

HDPE is an excellent alternative for producing twin packs. In fact, it is so sturdy, it makes an excellent carrying handle. This makes it most convenient for the customer, and you can sell more products when they are manufactured in twin packs.

You’ll find a wide range of uses for HDPE with multipacks. For instance, they are perfect for 4 packs and 6 packs. Plus, because of their sturdiness, there is no need for additional packing. This can save you a great deal of money on packing over the course of time.

HDPE makes excellent packing for large single bottles like gallons of milk or juice. They can be created with a convenient handle which folds out of the way when not in use.

How to Install HDPE Multipacks

The application process is very simple. A company utilizes containers with lips or grooves just below the opening. This makes it very easy for the HDPE packing to be installed with a machine. Once pressed on, they will stay in place indefinitely. Plus, you can use HDPE packing materials in a number of bright colors, to perfectly match your company colors or logo.

Good for the Planet

High density polyethylene is a green solution for industry. Your multipacks are made in an eco friendly way with as many recycled materials as possible. The entire production process is designed to reduce greenhouse gases. Scrap materials are used for manufacturing composite lumber, and once the customer has used the product, HDPE multipacks can be recycled.


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