The Basics Of Dent Repair

One of the most common causes of damage to vehicles in Denver, particularly in the winter, is slipping on icy or snowy roads and making contact with posts, trees, mailboxes and even other vehicles. This often doesn’t result in major damage to the vehicle, but it may leave unsightly dents and scrapes on the front, back and sides of a car or truck.

Our dent repair services can address any type of dent from small dings caused by the neighbor’s kids and their baseball to big dents caused by accidents or icy roads. We are able to work all insurance companies if you have insurance to cover the cost of the repair, and we can also work with you to provide a free estimate so you can fully understand the cost of making your vehicle look new again.

Small Dents

For small to minor dents and dings on a vehicle, we are able to offer paintless dent removal. This is a new technology that allows our specially trained staff to literally pop the dent out of the impacted area by applying specialized pressure to specific areas of the door, hood, roof, trunk or side panels to restore the original shape.

Just as the name implies, there is no need to paint or to treat the area, so it is a fast procedure and is much less costly that the traditional types of dent repair services required for more significant damage.

Major Repairs

When the dents are very large, very pronounced or have resulted in damage to the paint on the vehicle, a more extensive process is used. While this is a longer process it will restore the surface of the vehicle to like new and, with our experts in paint color matching, you won’t even know the dent even existed when we are done.

The steps can vary slightly, but they will include repositioning the damaged area as much as possible to limit the need for extensive amounts of filler. The area will then be worked with a grinder to remove the paint, allowing the filler to bond with the body.

Once the filler is dry, it will also be sanded with a grinder, creating a seamless and undetectable transition from the surrounding parts of the vehicle to the filler. This has to be done very carefully to avoid any visible differences between the areas.

After this is completed, and there are several different sanding steps, the damaged area is then painted and finished to perfectly match your vehicle. Our dent repair services in Denver are the best, and we will always discuss your repair options, helping you to understand just what we are going to do and why.


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