Add To Your Pool Design With Travertine Pool Coping

by | Jul 22, 2015 | Flooring


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For those new to pool design and pool terminology, there are two distinct components within the system. The first is the pool decking, which may be travertine, marble, natural stone or man-made options. The second is travertine pool coping, which acts as the edge and border to the pool, separating the decking from the pool tile and lining.

Coping comes in different styles, sizes, and colors. It will have a rounded or bullnose front with the rest of the edges being squared off and straight.

The Need for Coping

While travertine pool coping has an aesthetic component, it is also an essential part of the overall pool design. The travertine pool coping is carefully installed to prevent any movement of the deck from impacting the structural integrity of the pool, protecting the pool and minimizing the risk of damage even in freezing and thawing cycles.

Another important function of pool coping is to provide a rounded, smooth edge all along the sides of the pool. This makes it safe, easy and comfortable to enter or exit the pool from any location on the perimeter, avoiding scrapes and cuts that could occur with a right angle tile to paver edge.

While travertine pool coping is used for all types of custom designed pools, it also serves the same purpose for hot tubs and even around man-made ponds in landscaping designs.

Choosing a Style

For a pool remodel, and to avoid having to remove the current decking, remodeling travertine pool coping offers a cost-effective option. This coping is designed to sit over the existing decking and form the rounded edge over the junction of the pool and the deck.

Thick travertine pool coping is used for new pool installations and serves the same purpose. Both can be used on stairs into the pool and on multi-level pool decks and outdoor living spaces.

Choosing a Color Option

There are three distinctive looks that can be achieved with the choice of color in travertine pool coping. One of the most popular is to choose a light color, such as ivory or noce, which compliments a lighter color of pavers.

The second option is to consider a contrasting color combination, such as a silver coping with a noce or gold colored paver, or vice versa. This creates a highly visible border around the pool and the stair areas, enhancing the lines and design.

The third option with travertine pool coping is to match the coping with the paver. This adds to the look of area and space and is more like a natural beach where the land simply flows into the water. Each of these options is unique, and a great look for any pool area.

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