5 Famous Women Who Struggled With Addiction and Their Stories of Recovery

We idolize them, adore them, we scramble over each other just to get a glimpse of them and wish we could follow their footsteps. They are our famous female celebs. We want them to be impeccable, faultless and an epitome of propriety but as the saying goes…all that glitters is not gold. Time and again they show that they too are human and like others they too fall prey to substance abuse. Famous personalities are increasingly making headlines due to their addiction problems. Some argue that the insecure world of celebs which is full of stress, competition, and their own personal challenges is the culprit for this growing menace. However, all is not lost in this quagmire of glitter and glamor. There are some inspiring success stories of celebs battling addiction. They chose to reach out and join a Drug Addiction Treatment Center to combat addiction. Some chose to accept their addiction problem publicly while others joined an Alcohol and Drug Treatment Center. Here are 5 famous and much-loved women celebs that battled addiction.

1.    Drew Barrymore: The famous actor is perhaps one of the most famous success stories around. She was hooked on booze when she was only 9, was smoking marijuana at 10 and using cocaine when she was not even 12. She joined rehab when she was 13, attempted suicide at the age of 14 and joined rehab again. Since then she has said goodbye to the habit for good and today is a very balanced and productive woman.

2.    Angelina Jolie: The pouting Hollywood queen and the dream girl of many had given many of her early years to the haze of drug abuse. However, her role as a Goodwill ambassador for the United Nations HCR saw a transformation in her and she corrected her act to become the multi-faceted actor and humanitarian that she is today.

3.    Kelly Osbourne: Drug abuse was in her family. Her fabulous rock star father Ozzy Osbourne was an addict who later sobered up. Kelly too had her own problems with drugs since the age of 17. She was hooked to Vicodin pills and was abusing as many as 50 a day. She underwent rehab many times. Finally, in 2009 after her fourth stint at rehab she felt hopeful and strong enough to kick the habit and stay clean.

4.    Lindsay Lohan: The charming actress had admitted publicly to abusing alcohol and cocaine. Her life has been full of turmoil due to her addiction problems and has resulted in multiple arrests. Her image and career took a nosedive due to this. Finally, she decided to join Alcohol Anonymous and now attends their meetings religiously. She claims to have brought the problem under control.

5.    Jamie Lee Curtis: Jamie Lee Curtis played the role of a mother to Lindsay Lohan in the flick Freaky Friday. She was hooked on prescription painkillers following a surgical procedure. She also admitted to drinking heavily. Finally, when she realized that her life was in chaos she decided to get help. She joined a rehab for prescription drug abuse treatment. She admits every day was a challenge but credits her family, friends and rehab professionals for her recovery. She applauds her success over addiction and says that it is her single most important acclaim in life. She also works with the community to help other addicts to overcome this disease.

The road to recovery from substance abuse has many phases and hurdles. However, these celebs have taken the path to recovery and have given a hope and direction to those who are fighting to kick this habit.

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