Function meets Fashion: Eyeglasses in NYC

Annual eye exams are just as important as annual physical and dental appointments. Many people wait to visit an optician until they are experiencing an issue. Regularly scheduled appointments can help keep eyes healthy and catch issues before they turn into something more serious. If corrective lenses are needed, there are many options for fashionable Eyeglasses in NYC.

Corrective lenses have come a long way from the old days of single vision lenses and few choices. Technology has advanced to the point that no-line bifocals and trifocals are now the norms for those who are in need of progressive lenses. Regardless of the correction needed, there are lenses to give back youthful vision.

No-line progressive lenses allow the wearer to see close up, far away, and at a reading distance with a single pair of glasses. Glasses can also be specially designed for specific jobs or needs. Those who work in an office environment may need larger areas for seeing at intermediate and near zones. This is especially important for those who need to quickly transition from reading to computer work. Visit website for more information.

Beyond finding the perfect prescription lenses, there is also the question of a fashionable frame. Long gone are the old “birth control” glasses made famous in military basic training. Frames are now stylish and up-to-date with the times.

Frame designers include well-known names, including:

1. Beausoleil Eyewear
2. Claire Goldsmith
3. Cleo Eyewear
4. Coppe and Sid Eyewear
5. Dita Eyewear
6. Gold and Wood
7. Horn Frames
8. Kala Eyewear
9. Martin and Martin
10. Masunga
11. Michael Henau
12. Oliver Goldsmith
13. RSV by V
14. Sama Eyewear
15. Thom Brown
16. Zero G

These designers offer high-end frames that will fit everyone’s lifestyle and personal tastes. Frames are constructed from wood, ultra-light metals, and other materials that combine style with functionality. And of course, durability is at the top of the list of must have. Function seamlessly meets form in these Eyeglasses in New York.

Visit to see what a full-service quality optician has to offer. Don’t forget to ask about anti-glare coating and transitional lenses. Full-service providers also offer a range of both prescription and non-prescription sunglasses to protect eyes from harmful UV rays. Protect your eyes today.


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