Accounting Software for Small Business – The Value of CRM Assistance

Not all accounting software for small business use is the same. In fact, some programs are more advanced than others and give you many features, and some of the best programs offer CRM or customer relations management. This can be highly beneficial to many businesses today for a number of reasons.


What is CRM?

Customer relations management is an important part of every business. For example, the more information you have on customers, the easier it is to serve their needs. It’s important to keep track of many things about your customers and accounting software for small business with CRM features, is there to help.


What Can CRM Software Do?

A CRM program can keep all the contact information about your customers. Instead of struggling to look up this information when you need it, you can have a complete database that’s easy to access. Its only seconds to get a phone number for John Smith or find the home mailing address of Henry Jones, for example.


Better Sales Leads

CRM programs help you keep track of potential customers also. In fact, some people are better sales leads than others, and you can prioritize these leads based on whatever criteria you want. This lets you spend more time on the leads with the best odds, for success and it can give you a more efficient sales staff.


Sorting Your Business Contacts

You might have several kinds of contacts in your line of business. For example, there could be leads, prospects, customers, vendors, or subcontractors, and the CRM feature of your accounting software for small business, let’s you place each one in the right category. It saves a lot of time when a prospect becomes a client or customer, and you need to send out an invoice. In fact, it’s as simple as a keystroke or mouse click.


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