The Many Features Of A Rosemount Pressure Transmitter

Like many companies that market and sell parts and components for industrial and commercial processes and systems, Rosemount offers a wide variety of different models and options in pressure transmitters.

This is ideal for engineers and contractors as it allows for the match of a specific Rosemount pressure transmitter to the specific system and process. With different features, options and specifications, these pressure transmitters can be found in systems around the world in some of the most demanding applications.

What to Consider

When choosing a Rosemount pressure transmitter, it will be essential to understand the requirements of the system. While temperature is an important consideration, it is also critical to know the system pressure, flow rate, and the variables. Ideally, know the potential maximum and minimum levels of these factors and not just the average or ideal system operation rates.

The company offers scalable as well as multivariable models of pressure transmitters. These are highly practical across a range of different applications including in the oil and gas industry as well as in processing. The multivariable types of pressure transmitters can be used to measure differential as well as static pressure while also tracking and recording process temperatures.

Additional Features or Functions

With the number of specialized Rosemount pressure transmitter models on the market, there is never the need to use a transmitter that doesn’t have the features required.

The company offers hygienic systems for sanitary processes to meet all standards required by the food and beverage industry as well as for pharmaceutical and biomedical types of applications.

In-line pressure transmitters are easy to install and over both remote as well as local operator control for easy adjustments and commissioning. These features can be found in other models as well, making Rosemount the company of choice for new and replacement pressure transmitters.


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