A Motorcycle Accident Lawyer in Warrenton, VA Can Help Clients Protect Their Rights

Motorcyclists have the great benefit of enjoying the freedom of the open road, but they face dangers not encountered by other motorists. For example, the absence of a barrier between the cyclist and the road can leave the rider susceptible to serious injury or death in an accident. Motorcyclists should know their legal rights and remedies if they are in a collision. Insurance laws vary by location, and it is important to consult Gayheart and Willis regarding state law.

Motorcycle Riders: Risks of the Road

With a brief review of the following facts, it is easy to see why it is so important for motorcyclists to hire a motorcycle accident lawyer in Warrenton, VA to protect their rights to a financial recovery.

* In 66% of accidents involving other vehicles, the other party was responsible because of a right-of-way violation.

* Motorcyclists face a risk of death that is 25 times higher than that of other motorists, and they are five times more likely to sustain serious injuries in an accident.

* Although the death rate for drivers has declined since 1999, the rate for motorcyclists has doubled.

Cyclists face unique problems on the road. Motorcycles represent a smaller visual target, especially at intersections. A pothole or roadside debris may be a minor annoyance for a passenger car’s driver, but these hazards can be deadly for a motorcyclist.

Determining Liability

Like most auto accident cases, motorcycle crashes are typically governed by the doctrine of negligence. If the operator was partly to blame, contributory negligence may prevent a recovery. In cases where comparative negligence is applied, damages are calculated based on each party’s share of fault.

Manufacturing and Design Defects

Some motorcycle crashes are attributable to design and manufacturing defects. If a bike had a design flaw, or if the design could predictably cause injury, a victim may have a basis for a lawsuit. However, manufacturing defects may indicate the assembly was not done in accordance with the intended design. The deviation must cause an operational risk in order to form the basis of a claim.

Finding Legal Help

If a person is hurt in a motorcycle crash, they should seek medical help right away. Following that, the victim should contact a motorcycle accident lawyer in Warrenton, VA for a free claim evaluation. With a lawyer’s help, accident victims can learn the right steps to take while focusing on recovery.


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