The Wet Set: How to Boost Your Fashion Factor With the Right Raingear

There are people in the world who do not care a drip or a drop for fashion. To them, accessories are just glitz with no real gleam, but those who look the best and make the boldest impressions everywhere they go know that the right additions to any wardrobe will be both beautiful and useful. These savvy fashion plates plan their ensembles right down to the perfect designer umbrella for rainy days or shades for sunny ones. If you want to have the sort of look that gets noticed even in the doom and gloom of the stormiest days, following a few easy guidelines can help you to coordinate your own wet set to brighten your day.


Whether you call them boots or galoshes, you will be in perfect step and stride to make a splash with festive waterproof footwear, especially if you match it to an attractive designer umbrella. Choose a pair that goes well with a variety of color schemes for more versatility, but never feel as if you have to shy away from prints. The most important thing to remember is that puddles can be fun and so can flashy, splashy rain boots!


Your raincoat should reflect your personal flare. Maybe you are rather reserved, or perhaps you have a wild streak. With a wide variety of styles available on the market, you cannot go wrong. Whether you go with something traditional like an elegant trench coat or something whimsical like a retro, preppy whale motif, you will bring the flash to splash in fashionable circles.


Your umbrella will be the most noticeable part of your wet set, and for that reason, you should not be shy about going with a designer umbrella that truly deserves respect. Popular styles include art prints, animal motifs, or sleek, mod designs. Whatever floats your boat will surely bring a smile to admirers.


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