Pushing Repairs Forward with Push-Fit Plumbing Simplicity

We live in a do-it-yourself (DIY) society. People love to do their own repairs, replacements and improvements – including everything from painting and decorating to electrical repairs and plumbing.

Some fixes aren’t as simple as others. Plumbing in particular can be complicated, and every year homeowners spend billions of dollars internationally on costly home repairs. Wouldn’t it be wonderful if there were pipe connectors and fittings that made at-home replacements easier? John Guest fittings has the perfect answer for that!

Push-Fit and SpeedFit Systems

Imagine pipes that could fit together properly with little more than a push and a click. Now imagine these fittings available at reasonable prices, so the average home improver can have access to them. That is exactly what John Guest offers consumers. Like most makers of pipe and industrial fittings, John Guest creates pieces for every part of the home, from heating and cooling systems, refrigerators and water cooling, dispensing and purification and even private and commercial vending.

The downside to these easy-to-use fittings is that they aren’t available for all makes and models of heating, cooling and water products. Only available in further limited lines and quantities directly through the manufacturer, consumers can buy these pieces through licensed retailers internationally.

Additional Options for the DIY Home Improver

Of course, employing John Guest fittings or any other brand of piping and connectors are not the only option for homeowners looking to improve their fixtures and create better solutions for their air and water quality needs. Some other ways to improve a budget – and actually make a difference – include:

  • Regularly replacing filters in any air or water purification devices
  • Cleaning output ports, such as vents and ducts or water dispenser nozzles and spigots
  • Calling in a professional to examine your device should the need arise

Doing these things will help keep your air and water quality assurance devices running smoother, longer and with less need for repair and replacement. With all that extra time, you might just find some other DIY project to handle around the house!


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