A Gas Insert Fireplace Offers So Many Benefits

Does your home have a fireplace in it? If it is over fifty years old, then it is very likely that it has at least one. While the fireplaces in older homes are usually used mainly for decorative purposes, many people still like to light their fireplaces sometimes. There is just something about having a fire lit in a room that adds such a lovely and ambient atmosphere. If you would like to use your fireplace, but you are hesitant because of all the work and maintenance involved with a wood burning fireplace, then you should consider converting it by installing a gas insert fireplace.

What Is A Gas Insert Fireplace?

A gas insert is a unit that is installed directly into an existing wood-burning fireplace. When it is installed and running, it will appear as a glass box that is the exact size of the interior of your fireplace. With the flick of a switch, within the glass box, realistic flames flicker and look for all the world as if they are really there, burning coals or logs. A gas insert fireplace is easy to install, and you can choose from a wide variety of exciting customizations to get exactly the appearance you want from your fireplace. You can also decide whether or not the insert will give out heat, so you can comfortably add the lovely effect of a flickering fireplace to your home even when the weather is hot.

Why Get A Gas Insert Fireplace?

A gas insert fireplace eliminates all the problems and hazards of a wood burning fireplace. There is no ashes or smoke to worry about. Venting pipes directly vent all fumes from the burning gas outside, via the already-existing chimney. You will save a lot of energy and can use the insert as a safe, reliable source of heat and light at any time.


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