The cost of hiring a family law attorney in Grove City, OH

When hiring a lawyer, people are frequently asking one question before anything else: how much will this cost me? Many fees are fairly straightforward, but one payment aspect that often confuses people is the retainer fee. To help educate those uninformed, the Business Name team is dedicating this space to explaining the ins and outs of what a retainer fee actually is/does.

In the simplest terms, a retainer fee is a payment a client makes to their lawyer in advance before work on the case begins. To help our readers understand this concept further, it can be useful to think of a retainer fee as a down payment. For lawyers to be able to begin gathering supplies and other important items needed to begin working on your case effectively, the retainer fee is needed to draw various fees from. These fees can include anything from document printing and archiving, to paralegal fees.

Additionally, a retainer fee allows the attorney to be assured the client is serious about a case. Attorneys who do not require retainer fees are more likely to have a client pull out before a case begins, costing their firm tons of valuable time and assets. By instating a strict retainer fee, both parties benefit through a commitment to the case.

At Business Name, we ask for a retainer fee that will adequately cover all the services we will need to perform for your case. Due to this, we can avoid delaying your case, as without the retainer we would constantly need to collect fees. With this situation avoided, we can represent you much more effectively.

We always work hard and ensure any retainer fees not used during your case will be returned to the client. By doing this, we feel clients can put up the retainer fee with little to no stress. Once again, this makes the analogy between a retainer fee and a down payment very appropriate.

If you need help in any case, the Business Name team is ready to assist you. Please contact us at your convenience to set up a free consultation. Our team is dedicated to finding a solution to your important case, and will work hard to find the solution you need. We look forward to representing you.


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