Types of Janitorial Supplies Your Business Needs

by | Aug 29, 2018 | Furniture


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Business owners who are responsible for the maintenance and cleanliness of their building, office, workspace, or warehouse and have not hired a janitorial service; then you will need to purchase janitorial supplies to keep your work areas clean.

Janitorial supplies in Riverside County range from the cleaning products you with mops and scrub brushes to window cleaning supplies. Every business is different, and their cleaning needs are different.

A residential or commercial environment that is well-maintained and clean has an appealing look and feel. To maintain that general cleanliness, janitorial cleaning supplies are absolutely necessary.

One category of janitorial supplies is the cleaners and the tools used. Most vendors that sell janitorial supplies in Riverside County will sell professional or commercial strength cleaning supplies. However, some will sell the same, but some also sell the same brands you find in a grocery store for the home.

Another category of janitorial supplies is the storage and distribution equipment as utility carts to hold supplies as you go from office to office. The carts usually have a trash container on one end, slots for brooms and mops, shelves for supplies, and a caddy for cleaning agents. Certain compartments on the cart can be removed so it can be carried into a room or office.

Trash receptacles and bags is another category. Trash bags are available in different sizes, and some even contain deodorizing agents to prevent the bags from smelling.

There are cleaners for almost every kind of surfaces such as carpets, tile, glass, stone, and upholstery.

The selection of cleaning supplies you use should be based on how well they clean. In high traffic areas, cleaners should not only clean but kill germs that linger to prevent employees or visitors from getting sick.

Maintaining a clean work environment is essential for the health and satisfaction of your employees, visitors, and potential customers.

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