3 Ways a Casino Night Could Make Your Fundraiser Wildly Successful

Have you ever put on a fundraiser in the past that ended up being a flop? It can be hard to figure out how to best convince donors to support a cause on a good day, and adding in the stress of planning a fun event means even more chances for failure. Here are three ways that setting up some casino tables at your next fundraiser could be the answer you’ve been looking for.

1. Build a Sense of Competition Around the Casino Tables

There’s nothing like a bit of competitive fun to make people start spending their dollars. People love to compete, which is one of the reasons that Vegas is such a popular destination. When you bring in games that pit your guests against one another, the house, or just Lady Luck herself, it makes them a little looser with their wallets. That spells more donations for you while they are just having fun trying to win bragging rights.

2. Casino Nights Are Unique and Fun

Casino-themed parties offer guests something unique compared to the usual fundraising dinners and silent auctions that happen all around New York all the time. You can easily accept donations in the form of wagers for the games, or in exchange for game tokens, and then you don’t even have to worry about a fundraising portion of the evening. Instead, your guests can just have a fun and relaxing night that is different than what any other organization is doing.

3. Casino Nights Can Be Easily Customized

Finally, it’s easy to build a casino party around another theme, the theme of the fundraiser, or your brand’s specific image. For example, if your fundraiser involves funding an arts program, you can set up casino tables in an art gallery and create a fun night with live jazz and other artsy touches. If your fundraiser involves a program for kids, you can make a family-friendly casino night that allows guests of all ages to play some games. There are many ways to customize the event that make fundraisers far more interesting.

Ready to set up your casino tables in New York? Casino Parties LLC is here to help. We offer all the things you need to get your casino-themed party going, from the games to the tables. Contact us at (888) 340-1873 to get started. You can pay a visit to Facebook page for more information.


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