Your Questions Answered About A Sewer Cleaning Service

To keep a sewer line functioning as it should, homeowners should regularly contact a professional company for Sewer Cleaning Service. If a sewer line isn’t periodically inspected and cleaned out, a homeowner can be facing expensive problems in the future. Read the questions and answers below to learn more about the importance of sewer line cleaning.

Q.) What causes sewer lines to become clogged and nonfunctional?

A.) Sewer lines often become clogged due to tree roots growing in the pipes. When sewer pipes become cracked due to age and wear, tree roots enter the sewer line through the cracks in the pipe. As the tree roots continue to grow inside the pipes, they form a mass that causes the line to become clogged. Flushing various items down the toilet stool, such as diapers, paper towels and baby wipes, can also cause clogs in the sewer line.

Q.) How does a professional company clean out a sewer line?

A.) When a sewer cleaning crew cleans out a sewer line, they first run a fiber optic camera through the sewer pipes to look for obstructions. A technician then runs an auger through the sewer pipes to break up the clog. The auger, which is also known as a mechanical snake, has blades on the end of the cable. As the auger turns, the blades cut through the tree roots and clears the clog. In some instances, the sewer cleaning company will use a hydro jetter to clean out the clog. This piece of equipment uses a blast of water to dislodge the clog and clear the sewer line.

Q.) How often should a homeowner have a professional company clean out the sewer pipes?

A.) To keep a sewer line running freely, a homeowner should schedule an inspection every two years. If necessary, the sewer line can be cleaned out by an experienced Sewer Cleaning Service if the inspection shows any signs of an impending clog or tree root growth.

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