Your Company’s Road Warriors Deserve the Comforts of Home

For companies that send employees on extended business trips, within the United States or overseas, corporate serviced apartments offer benefits to the bottom line and allow staff to enjoy the comforts of home.

Convenient and Secure Location

Pearl Apartments are typically located in safe neighborhoods that provide easy access to business districts. They are usually in close proximity to services such as malls, cinemas, groceries, dry cleaners and restaurants.

Many apartments include camera surveillance in the public areas as well as security guards on premises and panic buttons in each unit. On site managers can be available to trouble shoot any problems visitors may experience. Parking may also be provided for individuals who are traveling with a car or renting a vehicle.

Staying in corporate serviced apartments gives business travelers the opportunity to experience a new city with minimal disruption to their daily routines. This arrangement could even make it possible for family and pets to visit if the trip will be several months. These conveniences can enhance an employee’s ability to perform successfully in an unfamiliar location and make the time away from home less stressful.

Hotel Amenities with Homelike Furnishing

Eating in restaurants day-after-day can be unsatisfying and unhealthy. Most business travelers appreciate the opportunity to be able to eat what they choose in a relaxed comfortable setting. Eating “at home” also saves money for the company.

Corporate apartments are usually fully furnished with linens, appliances, cooking utensils and cutlery. Many facilities also offer the option of a restaurant on, or close, to the premises. Units usually include washers and dryers, but maid service and laundry are generally available.

Some apartment complexes even boast resort like amenities such as sun decks, swimming pools and saunas. For those employees who hate to miss their morning or evening workout, a fully equipped gym is often steps away.

Corporate serviced apartments make practical and financial success. They also make for happier, healthier more productive employees.


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