5 Moving Day Mistakes You Might Be Making

Moving day typically involves a lot of details. One way to minimize the stress and hassle is to simply hire movers in Port Charlotte FL. Read on so you’ll know recognize common moving day mistakes and avoid them at all costs:

Doing it on your own

Thinking you can do this on your own is going to land you in a world of trouble. If you want to spare yourself the headaches, frustration and exhaustion, call in pros like Goodfella’s Moving for help, which will make moving day a lot easier. Keep in mind that every job is different so call today to receive a quote and get a reasonable rate for your move or delivery.

Putting it off

Keep putting off that call? If you wait until the eleventh hour before you start making calls, that’s going to make it that much harder to hire reliable movers in Port Charlotte FL.

Not doing any research

Go online to check for a ‘moving company near or around me.’ That should help you generate a list of prospective companies nearby. If you don’t do any research, you won’t end up with the best rates, warns the Realtor. That or you could easily get taken in by dodgy movers.

Not asking the right questions

Traveling quite a distance? Make sure you’re hiring long distance movers. Ask the right questions. Read through their conditions and terms carefully so you have a better idea about the services they offer. That way, you can ask the right questions from the get-go. Make sure you cover the basics: Are you licensed and insured? Are you certified? Will my dates work?

Not knowing the signs

If a mover uses unmarked trucks, isn’t responsive, and asks for a deposit that’s more than 20 percent of the job, those are definite red flags, telling you you’ll be better off getting help elsewhere.

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