You Can Convert Your Messy Wood Fireplace to Gas – Call an Expert Fireplace Contractor in Oakdale, MN

There’s nothing that adds warmth and comfort to a room like the flickering flames in a fireplace. It’s peaceful, calming and romantic. Stacking wood, lugging wood, struggling to get a fire going, smoky smelling rooms because the wood is wet or green, cleaning up twigs, bugs and wood debris, cleaning the ashes from the fireplace and then cleaning up spilled ashes and wood debris – this is not peaceful, calming or romantic. This is why someone calls a Fireplace Contractor in Oakdale to find out if their wood burning fireplace can be converted to gas.

A fireplace is typically the focal point of the room even when it’s not burning. The mantle displays prized pictures or treasures. There may be a big screen TV or favorite painting placed over the fireplace. A fireplace isn’t a substitute furnace, even though it does contribute a certain amount of heat to the room. A fireplace is an architectural feature.

Converting a wood-burning fireplace to gas retains all of the charms while eliminating all of the work. It’s the best of both worlds. Gas burning fireplaces offer many benefits.

* A gas fireplace insert can be completely installed in only one day. A typical installation includes a fan, a decorative front, and a remote control.

* Gas fireplaces with standing pilot ignitions will still operate if the power goes out. If an electronic ignition fireplace has a battery backup, it can also be started with no power. The fan, however, won’t work. It will probably be necessary to turn on the fireplace with the manual ON/OFF switch.

* Gas fireplaces are very inexpensive to operate. Nationally, the average cost is only 12-15 cents per hour.

* Turn a bedroom into a romantic getaway by adding a new gas fireplace. Most building codes allow certain models to be installed in bedrooms.

* A home doesn’t need to have a chimney in order to install a gas fireplace. Even if the home has a chimney, a gas fireplace can be installed anywhere in the house without needing a connection to the chimney.

To learn more about converting your wood-burning fireplace or installing a new gas fireplace, call The Fireplace Guys, a certified Fireplace Contractor in Oakdale, MN serving Minneapolis and St. Paul. They are fireplace experts and do all of the work themselves, not passing off any work to inexperienced subcontractors. Visit website page to request an in-home sales consultation.


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