Benefits Of Converting To Fireplace Gas Inserts

There are several reasons why a homeowner may choose to upgrade or convert a wood-burning fireplace to gas. Fireplace gas inserts today are very different than those of the past. They produce excellent heat as a supplemental or primary heating source in a room.

These fireplaces can even be controlled with a remote control or a wall switch or be set up to work with a thermostat for complete temperature control. With all the different designs and options available, there will never be a problem in finding the perfect gas insert for the room décor and style.

No Mess

Many people don’t use a traditional wood burning fireplace because of the mess. This is not just the issue with carrying wood in through the home; there is also the need to routinely clean ashes out of the firebox. No matter how carefully this task is completed, there is always fine ash that seems to get on the hearth, floor and the surrounding area.

Another consideration is the rising cost of firewood. A chord of firewood in some cities can be over three hundred dollars without counting the additional costs for delivery and stacking. With gas, you can control the bill and not have to worry about all the work of finding quality firewood.

City Ordinances

Wood burning fireplaces produce a lot of smoke. In many urban areas, new home construction prevents the installation of wood burning fireplaces and owners of homes with these types of fireplaces may be strongly encouraged to upgrade to fireplace gas inserts.

This allows the homeowner to use the fireplace without producing any of the pollution and smoke associated with traditional wood burning fireplaces. At ratings of up to 70% more efficient, homeowners will also enjoy more heat from the gas burning insert than the traditional wood burning fireplace.


Direct vent fireplace gas inserts are very safe as they draw air for combustion in from outdoors. Through the double flue, they also expel the gasses and water vapor produced from burning gas. This means that heat is not lost up the flue plus there is no release of gasses or water vapor into the home.

These systems can be set up using the existing fireplace box and the chimney. The look can be traditional or contemporary and with the new technology in flame production they are a very realistic looking gas fireplace.

Using the existing firebox, hearth and chimney adds to the authentic look of the gas burning insert. However, unlike wood, starting the fireplace is as easy as pushing a button or flicking the switch for instant heat and fire when you need it.


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