Why You Need To Use DBI Sala Fall Protection Equipment

Keeping yourself and your employees’ safe on any job site is essential so understanding how to choose the best in equipment is always important. When you select from the various types of DBI Sala Fall Protection equipment, you are already making a good choice as you are buying from an industry leader in the manufacturing of safety equipment.

Unlike some manufacturers, DBI Sala Fall Protection sells the complete line of what you need from the anchors to the options for devices to help workers in emergency situations. Buying all your fall protection equipment from the same companies means no matter what the situation or the emergency, everything will be fully compatible and the system will be familiar to everyone.

Anchors and Connectors

Anchors are used to providing a secure origination or point where the connectors attach to the anchorage point. There are different types of anchors offered through DBI Sala Fall Protection including those for all-purpose or general use through to specialty anchors for steel and concrete.
Just as there are different types of anchors and tie-off points, there are also types of anchorage connectors. These include d-rings, anchor straps, toggle anchors and a full range of other options to suit any need.

Body Harnesses

It is essential to choose DBI Sala Fall Protection equipment that is right for the both the work as well as the worker. With full adjustment and designs that are comfortable to wear all day in any temperature or working conditions, harnesses just become a part of the everyday gear.

The best body harnesses will have an effective fall arrest system that distributes the force of the fall stop across a large area of the body, minimizing the risk of any additional trauma. All DBI Sala Fall Protection Harnesses are designed to be lightweight, easy to get into and out of, and to incorporate the latest in technology and research to provide safety in the event of a fall.

Be sure to check the use of the harness as there as specific harnesses for use on ladders, in the wind energy industry, construction and mining and other purposes.

Also to these essential elements, DBI Sala Fall Protection equipment includes connectors, which provide the link between the harness and the anchor. Other equipment to have on hand will include descent and rescue devices, also supplied by the manufacturer.


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