Sleep Dentistry for a Pain free Dental Experience

You might have heard about doctors giving their patients some form of sedation ahead of a big operation, but did you know that dentists can offer sedation too? This news is making people around the world very happy, because the fear of sitting in the dentist’s chair is one of the main reasons why patients avoid those all-important appointments. While it may seem easier to ignore the problem, whether it’s root canal issues or tooth decay, this can actually worsen the situation, resulting in tooth loss. Fight the fear and get your problem dealt with (minus the pain) by discussing sleep dentistry with a dental expert.

Facts About Oral Sedation

A dentist will decide whether you require minimal or moderate amounts of oral sedation. His decision will be made based on the seriousness of the procedure and your pain threshold. Minimal will likely be administered in the form of a pill and moderate in liquid form through a vein, so that it works quickly. With the second method, the professional will be able adjust the sedation level.You will be awake during the procedure, however, once oral sedation has been administered you will feel no pain. This makes it considerably worthwhile for long procedures, such as root canal.

Who Benefits from Oral Sedation?

In most cases, patients will request oral sedation if they are not very good at dealing with pain. Administering pain relief also comes in handy for the dentist, because some patients with Alzheimer’s or Parkinson’s Disease might move unexpectedly and disturb the dentist whilst a procedure is being performed. The same goes for young children or individuals with a hyperactive disorder. People with sensitive teeth and a bad gag reflex will also benefit from sleep dentistry services.

When is Sleep Dentistry Required?

The longer and more complex the procedure, the more oral sedation will be required. If a large amount of dental work is being completed, such as dental implants or veneers, sedation will be an appropriate choice. Patients of all ages will sometimes experience dental phobia – a form of anxiety directly related to dental experiences. If you suffer from this, then it is another good reason to discuss your sleep dentistry needs with a trusted dentist. You don’t have to worry about sleep dentistry being unsafe, because the dentist will administer a dose based on the age and weight of the patient.

At Hills Dental Care, you can get painless Dental Care in a soothing environment. Why not have a word with Dr. James Kim today and book an appointment? The number to call is (02) 9899 3100.


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