Why Waterfront Living in Palm Coast is Hard to Beat These Days

If you want to lead a luxurious lifestyle in Florida, then you must have direct access to the water. Only the finest properties in all of Florida are located directly on the water to provide residents with immediate access to their boat. This provides for a world-class experience that is really like no other. Not only that though, but the Palm Coast area also offers residents access to a variety of features that make their daily lives far more enjoyable.

For instance, there are a total of 70 miles of canals found around Palm Coast to provide residents with numerous waterways to explore. Palm Coast residences also give boaters direct access to the extensive intracoastal waterways that run up and down Florida’s coastline. This is one of the main reasons why the waterfront homes in Palm Coast are so highly sought after today in fact, because they provide such convenient access to a very calm stretch of waterway that may be used to access the entire Florida coastline.

The pleasures of boating are further enhanced by the communities Florida residents are now choosing to live in. Waterfront homes in Palm Coast can be situated in communities that offer their residents a whole host of amenities that make their daily lives far more enjoyable overall. For instance, a convenient marina can be be located right their in your community so that you can access the intracoastal waterways just as easily as you hop onto the freeway.

To further assist residents in making their dreams come true, builders are now also including dry dock facilities in their planned communities. These dry dock facilities are accompanied by a full-service valet that will handle everything relating to the cleaning and storing of your boat whenever it’s not in use. When the time comes to head out onto the intracoastal waterways again though, just let the valet service know and they’ll get your boat ready for you. If you too are ready to take your boating lifestyle to a whole new level, then check out Marina del Palma at website

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