The Connection Between Alcohol Use and Domestic Violence in Bremerton WA

Research indicates a connection between alcohol use and domestic violence, which explains why judges in domestic abuse cases may order defendants to participate in alcohol rehabilitation. In regard to male abusers, Domestic Violence in Bremerton Wa is more likely when men have been raised in a household where abuse took place and when they are struggling financially. Drinking alcohol can make them feel more powerful and dominant.

Public Health Problems

Violence in the domestic setting, as well as excessive use of alcohol, are considered public health problems in the United States and many other countries. Researchers continue trying to understand the connection and how to prevent these problems from occurring.

Alcohol and Violent Behavior

Alcohol does not cause people to become violent. However, because the substance reduces inhibitions, a person with violent tendencies who drinks may be more susceptible to behaving this way. In some instances, drinking gives the person an excuse to hit somebody. Information from the University of Minnesota says that physical altercations sometimes take place between domestic partners when one is trying to restrict the other’s alcohol use. More than half of the defendants who are charged with domestic violence were drinking just before the assault.

A Cycle of Denial and Regret

Men and women who are prone to Domestic Violence in Bremerton Wa may be in denial about their behavior. That is another link with excessive drinking, as many people who abuse alcohol are in denial about that too. Regret is a common theme. The day after drinking too much and striking out at the partner, the person feels significant remorse and vows to never let this happen again. Unfortunately, the behavior often becomes a cycle.

Beginning Recovery

During rehab for alcohol abuse in this type of situation, counselors help clients understand why they have the need for dominance, control and power that has resulted in this significant problem. They can no longer stay in denial after having to face a judge on domestic violence charges. If it happens again, this person would likely receive a prison sentence. Beginning the path to recovery from substance abuse and learning how to manage anger are two essential steps.

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