Why Vacation Rentals Make Better Accommodations

Taking a trip with the whole family can be a great bonding experience, but it can also come with a hefty price tag. Hotels are generally the first option people choose for somewhere to rest their head at night, as they’re usually positioned in the heart of the city near the most convenient amenities. However, vacation rentals are slowly on the rise, becoming the more popular choice for quality living on a budget. When you’re looking for a place to stay in Kenya, consider apartments for rent in Westlands for these few reasons alone.

Shared Living Space

Staying in hotels can be fun, but you and your guests are poised to find yourselves split between rooms, cutting off any added bonding time. Vacationing in a furnished apartment gives everyone their private space, but also allows for shared living quarters in the common areas for family members to socialize and interact. After all, family game nights just aren’t the same when you have to keep hopping between separate rooms.

Ultra-Convenient Kitchens

Eating constant take-out or dining in restaurants night after night is hardly feasible on a budget these days, and it loses its charm pretty quickly. Apartments for rent in Westlands give you and your family the opportunity to eat healthy meals you can cook for yourself in modern, fully-equipped kitchens. They also provide you with somewhere to store groceries to save money.

Full-Stop Amenities

Hotels aren’t the only ones who offer great amenities with every stay in Kenya. Vacation rentals let you live in luxury as well with access to on-site laundry facilities, delicious dining selections and fitness centers to help you stay fit and energized during your trip.

When the decision comes down to staying in hotels or vacation rentals in Kenya, Nelson’s Court Serviced Apartments is the best choice. They can upgrade your vacation experience without throwing off your budget and give the whole family a place to relax and unwind in their own space.


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