7 Things to Know about Regular Slotted Containers

by | Jan 23, 2018 | Corrugated Box Manufacturer


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Shipping solutions include a host of options, in different sizes, shapes and materials. One of the most common options companies go for are regular slotted containers (RSC). These containers are often used for a lot of products.


RSC’s are designed with flaps that all have the same length, with the flaps meeting at the center of the box when closed. It’s the most popular option for companies because it produces little to no manufacturing waste.


Using the right shipping solution ensures that your goods arrive safe and sound. By using secure packing supplies, you don’t just keep your goods safe in transit, you also reduce your costs by preventing lost or damaged goods.


While it’s essential to make sure that goods and/or products are secure and well-protected during transport, it’s also important to balance that out with your profits. Spending too much on your packing and shipping solutions could take a huge chunk of your profits and bottom line. With regular slotted containers, companies get a workable but low-cost option, one that won’t kill your products, says FitSmallBusiness.


Different shipping containers often have different rates. The bigger and heavier your shipment is, the more expensive it will be. RSCs provide security for goods during transport all while adding minimal weight or bulk so you can save on carrier costs.


Manufacturers allot extra spaces in the boxes for cushioning. The padding is ideal when shipping fragile items in the RSC.


For larger goods that require more protection, multi-item shipments and even fragile ones that need extra cushioning, corrugated boxes are a good option to go for.


Choose a supplier with years of experience in the field. Check out the company’s range of shipping options and pick which one is a good match for your needs and budget.

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