Why Residents Hire Restoration Experts to Repair Stone Masonry in Cambridge, MA

The Cambridge area of Massachusetts is known for its elegant, historic buildings. Many of the most beautiful owe their timeless good looks to experts like Fitzgerald Restoration Inc. Area home and business owners who need repairs rely on these professionals for world-class Stone Masonry in Cambridge MA. Clients also hire the full-service contractors because they offer waterproofing services and are known for their exceptional home improvement projects.

Historic Structures Need Expert Restoration

Although most of the Stone Masonry in Cambridge MA was designed to last, time still takes its toll. Weather or fire causes damage and the elements can discolor beautiful original work. Fortunately, restoration contractors actually specialize in re-creating old world elegance. Their craftsmen will carefully replace historical windows, brick work, stairs and facades. Artisans are careful to maintain period features as they replace roofs, stone and even pre-cast moldings. As a result, they are responsible for many of Massachusetts’ most stunning churches, schools, hospitals and office buildings.

Restoration Experts Are Waterproofing Specialists

Because water can destroy older buildings, restoration contractors are also waterproofing experts. They use a variety of methods and tailor them to each building’s needs. Professionals offer waterproof coatings, sealants, caulking, painting and clear liquid repellents. Technicians repair foundations, waterproof basements, and replace lintels, sills and windows. They also find and fix leaks and install French drains.

Contractors Also Create Elegant New Projects

Although restoration experts specialize in older buildings, they are actually general contractors who can build anything. The businesses apply the same dedicated craftsmanship and detail to a new patio as they do to entire additions. Their specialists provide industry leading carpentry, painting and roofing. They create one-of-a-kind decks and outdoor entertainment areas. Craftsmen can also add copper gutters and downspouts and replicate any kind of doors and windows. Every project is carefully monitored by project managers who ensure exceptional quality and attention to detail.

Massachusetts residents often hire restoration contractors to repair older buildings. These experts can not only bring back the original beauty of any structure but also waterproof them, to prevent future damage. They are also general contractors who bring their high standards to a wide variety of remodeling and building projects.


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