Have a New Dog? Explore the Wonders of the Local Pet Store in Folsom, CA

The decision to welcome a rescue dog into the home is a good one. Dogs of this type tend to make excellent pets and add a lot of fun to the home. Since the new owner wants to ensure the pet settles in, it pays to look for the right supplies at the local pet store in Folsom CA. Here are some of the things that need to be on that shopping list.

The Right Dog Food

It pays to start off the relationship by establishing some strict guidelines about food. That means the new dog is not allowed to munch on table scraps. To make the human food a little less enticing, it pays to see what the local pet store in Folsom CA has in the way of food and treats. Look for food that is made from ingredients that the owner finds easy to pronounce. Keep the fillers to a minimum and focus on products that are nutritional and tasty. Consider buying sample sizes of two or three different dog foods and see how the pet responds. It won’t take long to determine which one seems to meet with the highest level of approval.

With treats, remember that they can accomplish more than cause the tail to wag faster. Some of the best treats are also great for helping clean the teeth and aiding in digestion. Check the ingredients closely and focus on snacks that help promote better help for that new pet.

How About a New Collar and Leash?

There’s no reason for the new addition to the household to keep that old collar. A new one that is a nice match for the coat is a good idea. Invest in a matching leash that can be used for those evening walks. Many dogs love the idea of going for a walk with their humans once the sun goes down. Along with making sure the pet gets some exercise, the owner also has the chance to enjoy a brisk walk and some fresh air.

Remember that the local pet store offers grooming and other services. Schedule an appointment today and arrange for the new pet to have a bath, get the nails trimmed, and maybe even trim the coat a little. The pet will love the attention, and the owner will love the fresh scent.


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