Why Pipes Get Clogged

by | Feb 3, 2017 | Plumbing and Plumbers


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There are few daily plumbing nightmares that are more frustrating than drains and pipes that become clogged and blocked. A Wilmette plumbing company can help resolve these issues, but you may be curious about why the blockages occur in the first place. Here are some common reasons.

Debris Buildup

The materials that are most likely to be the culprit for a buildup vary depending on the location of the pipe. Toilets may have trouble flushing wipes or other hygiene products. Kitchen sink drains suffer when grease or oil is left to solidify among food particles. Showers get clogged when skin, hair, and soap form a mass in the pipe. Plungers and augers can remove some blockages, but call a professional at a Wilmette plumbing company if the problem persists.

Pipe Slope

The drain pipes that connect your house to the sewer line usually rely on gravity to carry waste away, but if your pipes don’t have the correct slope degree, draining becomes a problem. If the slope isn’t steep enough, gravity may not have enough power to drag some materials to the sewer line. On the other hand, if the pipe slopes too steeply, the water may rush right out from under solid particles, leaving them stranded and in a perfect position to create blockage. This is a harder fix, but with the use of a plumbers’ snake and a professional adjustment, a Wilmette plumbing company can solve slope problems.

Plant Growth

Believe it or not, you may be able to blame the trees on your property for your drainage woes. Tree roots seek out moisture to hydrate the tree, and the underground pipes in your yard leading away from indoor drains are the kind of damp that trees love. Strong roots can break pipes and prevent waste from flowing freely to the sewer line.

Now that you know why your drains are giving you problems, you know it’s time to seek solutions. End the daily hassle by finding a Wilmette plumbing company to unclog your pipes. North Coast Sewer and Drainage have been working in the northern suburbs of Chicago for nearly a decade. There Wilmette plumbers provide services for homes, businesses, new construction sites and remodeling projects.

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