The Advantages Business Owners Have in Filing Chapter 7 Bankruptcy in Jefferson County, MO

Bankruptcy can provide relief in the most difficult financial tribulation. It gives a debtor the chance to pay off what they can afford or cancel a large portion of debt. Filing chapter 7 bankruptcy in Jefferson County, MO delivers freedom from debt by liquidating assets that can replace cash. Debtors have assets they can afford to relinquish. Some property is protected under a bankruptcy law, so the debtor probably doesn’t have to give up a car or home. Whatever the liquidated property is worth will clear the same value in debts. Business owners filing chapter 7 bankruptcy in Jefferson County, MO might find liquidating dispensable business assets to be an option. A business can stay in operation with a fresh new start if most or all debt is cleared by liquidation.

Chapter 11 bankruptcy is primarily for businesses under encumbrance of debt. It gives the business owner a chance to put their debts and business in a new order with more time to pay it off. With financial counseling, they are allowed to keep businesses running with a better plan for bringing in revenue. Creditors can’t attempt to collect any debts while the business is protected under chapter 11. Chapter 11 is the best option for business owners who truly want to stay in business with better earning potential.

Chapter 13 is a consumer debt bankruptcy plan that gives the debtor an extension of three to five years to pay off debt. Creditors can’t attempt to collect debts personally. The entity that is handling the bankruptcy case pays creditors from the debtors account on an installment plan. All forms of bankruptcy makes it so payments are affordable and allotted according to the ability to pay. Interest rates on the original loan accounts aren’t in effect anymore when passed over to bankruptcy. Some bankruptcy plans are subject to a means test which just determines the ability to pay. There are guidelines to follow in bankruptcy with a bankruptcy lawyer being the best person to assist in the proceedings. There is a greater chance of having the stipulations of bankruptcy arranged just the way the consumer prefers when a legal representative guides the case. Click here to learn more.


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