Why Install Stainless Steel Drainage Onsite

Floors are one of the dirtiest places in any facility. If you work in a hygiene-critical environment, such as pharmaceutical manufacturing or making products to cook food, you need to protect the pieces that you make to ensure that they don’t have bacteria and pathogens in them while you manufacture them. Stainless steel drainage is the perfect solution because it is highly effective and provides better outflow. Even if you use strainers to catch solids, they are designed to work correctly.

When focused on stainless steel drainage, it’s essential to realise that there are multiple grades (up to 100 different grades). Make sure that the company you choose to make your drains uses 304 or 316 because these have a greater resistance to many corrosives, such as salt, chemicals, vinegar, acids, and more. Along with such, you should also focus on avoiding plugged drains and trunk lines. If the drain backs up, you run the risk of property damage and damage in the trunk lines. Therefore, it’s best to have a fully operational system that drains away liquid and catches solids that shouldn’t be dumped down the drain anyway.

At Premium Grating, they realise how important it is to have appropriate draining capabilities. They help a variety of industries choose appropriate drain options. Whether you want them for the floor of the public restroom or in the workshop where all your magic happens, they can help you choose something appropriate. Along with such, they can customise their products to meet any particular needs you may have. For example, you may want stainless steel drainage with tiny holes where no debris can enter, which prevents solids from going down the drain, as well. You may also decide on something more decorative to help boost morale in the workplace. Follow us on Twitter.


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