Tips For Hiring Local Movers In Tulsa

Local moves are defined differently by various movers, but the general definition is a move that is not outside of the state. Some local movers refine that definition to be a smaller geographic area, often less than a hundred miles outside of Tulsa, if the move is originating in the city.

Since these moves do not go across state lines, there is less regulation of movers. Companies that offer local, long distance and international moving will have different levels of oversight and accountability than movers operating in the city with a single truck and a moving crew.

It is important to know about the local movers before hiring. The more information gathered, including feedback from past customers, the easier it will be to find a Tulsa moving company to provide a quality moving service.

Book Well in Advance

In any area of the city, it will be common for local movers to book up very quickly for weekend moves, particularly at the first weekend and the middle of the month. If you have specific moving dates, book as soon as possible to ensure a moving truck and crew will be available.

Detail Any Move-Out or Move-In Requirements

It will be important to provide local movers with special requirements or information on the move. This includes if the move has to be done using an elevator or if there are multiple stairs or long distances from the road to the home. This will take additional time and planning, and giving the movers the heads up, will allow for better organization.

Ask About Services

Not all local moving companies, particularly the smaller operations, offer a full range of services. Many of the basic local moving services do not offer packing and unpacking, nor do they provide specialized crating and transport of valuable items and electronics.

It is also very insightful to ask Tulsa moving companies about their experience and years in the moving industry. This will provide you with a clear indication as to the level of professional moving services you can expect.


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