Why Hire a Professional for Ceiling Fan Installation in Washington, NJ?

The idea of installing a ceiling fan in the master bedroom has been on the mind of the homeowner for some time. After coming across a fan with the right look and features, the decision is made to move forward with the project. Once the fan is home, there is the matter of who will install it. The best way to go is to hire a professional to take care of the ceiling fan installation in Washington NJ. Here are a few reasons why this approach makes sense.

Experience with Electrical Wiring

One of the more important reasons to have a professional take care of the ceiling fan installation in Washington NJ, is the experience that the individual has with electrical wiring. Even if there is already an overhead fixture in the bedroom, the installation will mean attaching the fan to the wiring properly. Failure to do so will mean the fan doesn’t work at best. The worst case scenario is a short circuit that could cause a fire.

If there is no overhead fixture, that will mean tapping into the current wiring and running lines for the new fan. Without a doubt, an electrician is needed for this type of activity. The professional will know what type of wiring is capable of carrying the current safely and what will tie in with the rest of the home wiring without creating any problems.

Warranties and Guarantees

The ceiling fan likely came with a warranty of some kind. By reading the fine print, the homeowner will find that the provisions of the warranty are only in effect if the fan is installed by a certified professional. That means if the owner installs the fan and something happens later the warranty will be useless.

Professionals who handle electrical work like installing ceiling fans do offer limited guarantees with their work. If the fan runs fine for a week and then begins to malfunction, the professional will come back out and identify the problem. Assuming the problem has to do with some aspect of the installation, the repairs will be made without any additional charge.

For help with ceiling fans and other household projects, Contact Schaibles Plumbing & Heating Inc today. One quick look at the project will be all it takes to provide a quote, gather the necessary tools, and have the work done in no time.


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