Most women find that their tresses are their best feature and what they love most about themselves. However, it’s important to keep those tresses looking healthy and gorgeous. More and more people realize that hair salons in Houston are the best option, even though they may cost a little more than the chain stores out there. Whether you want a simple trim every six to eight weeks or love using your head as an art project, you need a salon that will help with any panic problems and keep it as healthy as possible.


If you are worried that they’ll make fun of you or tell you that you’ve done something wrong, you shouldn’t be so anxious. They may offer tips and tricks to keep it in tow or ask you some seemingly strange questions that you don’t think should matter. However, they’re just trying to get an idea of the treatment you put it through daily. They may also recommend that you purchase their products, but you should never feel obligated to do so. Stylists know that the products they stock are of excellent quality and want you to be satisfied with your cut, style or chemical treatment.

Smells And Extras

When you first walk into the salon, you should be met with exceptional smells that tickle the nose. The days of noxious chemicals are gone, at least for high-end hair salons in Houston.

Plus, you’ll get a lot of extra perks, such as a free wash and condition session. They’ll massage your scalp and use their scented shampoos and conditioners, making you feel like a queen.


Chain stores have a problem when it comes to listening. You’ll probably see a different stylist each time you go in, so they won’t know about your unique issues and situations. While it may be easy enough to tell each new person you meet, you never build a rapport with them, which can be disheartening to many. After a time, you may get to have the same person more than once, but by then, they may have moved elsewhere.

A professional salon will listen to your needs. If you have a tender head, they’ll be gentle when combing. If you want a color job and don’t know what will suit you best, they’ll help you decide. They’ll even sit back and be quiet while you talk about your problems (but they’d appreciate it if you kept it G or PG rated).

Hair salons in Houston do more than cut your tresses. Visit Marbella Spa and Salon today to learn more.

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