Why Gutters in Bremerton, WA Matter

by | Aug 6, 2018 | Gutter


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Think about the rain at your home. In Washington, the rain is a constant and ongoing problem. But, it seems like it is no big deal. The problem is, the water has to go somewhere, and if you do not plan for it to move away from your home in a safe manner, it will cause damage to your home. Ensuring you have properly working gutters in Bremerton, WA is essential to making sure your home is not damaged by rain or ice buildup. It may be time to consider a few steps to upgrade and modernize your gutter system if it is not the best it can be.

What Happens When Gutters Are Missing?

Why do gutters in Bremerton WA matter so much? If you have missing or broken gutters, the problems become numerous. Water hits the roof runs down the edge of the overhang onto your siding and your home’s windows. This creates moisture issues nearly immediately. In addition to this, the water continues to move down the side of your home until it reaches the foundation. There, it will move down, into the soil and over time erode the foundation. Or, it will push the soil around the foundation walls away, allowing it to be exposed for further damage. This can create basement leaks but also causes damage to the foundation itself.

The best way around this is to simply ensure your gutters are functioning at their best. When you ensure you have properly working gutters in Bremerton, WA, water moves down into the gutters and out away from the home. This helps to minimize damage, can protect your home from leaks, and ensures your foundation remains protected. It seems like the best step to take to protect the integrity of your home.

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