Fun Dental Facts For Kids To Read Before Engaging In Children Dentistry in Silverdale Wa

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While it is a long-standing stereotype that adults tend to be quite fearful when it is time to go to the dentist, the same cannot be said for children. The little ones seem to love to go to experience Children Dentistry in Silverdale Wa, especially when they get to dig through the “prize box” or get a new toothbrush. That being said, children also love learning new things, so why not have them read about some fun dental facts before their next visit?

Pre-Historic Cavities

It is believed that children who lived in pre-historic times did not suffer from cavities. Scientists suspect the reason behind this is that sugar did not exist back then, nor did processed foods. This is a great reason to have children avoid sugary snacks and drinks, or at the very least, have them brush immediately after consuming them.


The strongest substance in the human body is actually tooth enamel. The reason for its durability is to protect the teeth from cavity-causing bacteria which can gather along the gumline and cause tooth decay.


Human teeth contain stem cells. The reason this is so important is it has recently been reported scientists have discovered a way to grow adult human teeth from the stem cells. What this means in the real world is they will be able to replace missing or severely damaged teeth with biologically identical replacements.

No Self-Repair

Teeth are not capable of repairing themselves. If they are damaged from trauma or have suffered from decay, they will continue to incur further damage unless they are repaired by Children Dentistry in Silverdale Wa. This is the whole reason why dentists recommend fillings or caps on damaged teeth.

Ancient Tooth Care

People who lived in ancient times still took care of their teeth! Even though the methods were not as advanced as those in modern dentistry, they still figured out how to chew twigs and other sticks to aid in removing debris from between their teeth.

Encouraging great dental hygiene is very important and it sticks the longest when the habits are groomed early on in a child’s life.

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