Why Buy A New Car?

There are many car buyers that opt for used cars, whether you are one of them or not have a great deal to do with how you view the purchase. If you are going for price then used is the way to go, if you are leaning in the direction of a new Chevy in Chicago there are a number of valid reasons to do so.

   *   Reliability: Although it may be the interior and exterior styling that first draws a buyer’s attention it is reliability that is most important. A new Chevy in Chicago is more reliable than any used car and a buyer can expect few, if any problems from a new car; and if there is a problem it will be repaired under warranty.

   *   Warranty: New cars come complete with a very generous warranty, in the event a problem occurs or something fails to work properly a warranty ensures you that the problem will be fixed or replaced at no cost to you. A new Chevy in Chicago comes with a generous bumper-to-bumper warranty, a warranty on the powertrain and a warranty on the sheet metal.

   *   Fuel economy: In a very short nine years from now all vehicles in the US must average over 54 MPG. This is posing a challenge to manufacturers but it will happen. This drive towards efficiency means that a new car will be more fuel efficient than any used car which means a great deal to the wallet.

   *   Discounts: If you wait until certain times of the year such as the end of the month or the end of the year you can invariably avail of some serious discounts on a new car purchase; this is something that rarely would happen when buying a used car.

Along with these attractive benefits, when you buy a new Chevy in Chicago you know exactly what the cars history is. When you buy a used car this is not always the case. Contact Hawk Chevrolet Cadillac of Joliet for more details. Like our facebook page.


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