How to Avoid Probate

People over the course of their life will begin to save money and build up their assets. When they pass away, they want to make sure their assets are passed on to their loved ones. The last thing you will want is for the government to end up with a large portion of the money you have worked hard to save. This can often happen in the form of probate fees. If there is a delay in settling your estate it can cost more in fees and dwindle your assets down not leaving much behind for your family. You can search Sacramento for a probate attorney that can help you reduce the amount of money that the government will receive.

Tips on How to Keep Your Estate Where you want it to be

  • Be sure to name the beneficiaries that you want to receive your bank account and retirement fund. When you designate who will receive the assets, they will be payable when you pass away. By selecting to do this, the payments will be dispersed without having to go through probate.
  • One way to avoid probate is to create a living trust, unlike a will that distributes your assets when you pass. A living trust will place your property and assets in a trust to be managed by a trustee.
  • You can opt to gift out the property or money that you want to give away while you are alive. Any gifts that beneficiaries receive while you are alive will not go through probate. This will reduce the amount of taxes that have to be paid when you disperse the gifts in small amounts.
  • The right of survivorship can prevent any real property from ending up in probate. When you select to jointly own a home, car, or other items with someone else. The other person will automatically receive the property upon your death.
  • You can purchase life insurance that will be dispersed to the beneficiary after you have passed away. You will simply just need to name who you would like to receive the money from the policy.

Have Peace of Mind in Knowing Your Family is Taken Care Of

Life will throw you enough matters to worry about, you should not have to stress what will happen with your family when you pass away. When you select to hire a knowledgeable probate attorney, they can help prepare the documentations you require to make sure your final wishes are met. Before hiring a lawyer prepare any questions you may have to ask when you meet with them. You will want to select one that makes you feel comfortable and trust with your estate.


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