Why Ampco Pumps Are High Quality

Ampco pumps have a long track record of being high quality, with the first of these pumps being used seven decades ago. Today, they are used in marine and industrial applications, as well as in liquid product handling. The company stays on top of industry trends and continues to produce innovative products that can perform at high standards. Learn more about why Ampco pumps are high quality below.

Long Track Record of Usage

The first of the Ampco pumps were industrial centrifugal pumps for applications in seas and oceans back in 1948. They were made of nickel aluminum bronze and came in three different series. Today, there are now six different series of centrifugal industrial and marine pumps that can withstand very harsh and corrosive conditions. They can handle operations such as reverse osmosis, deal with situations in saltwater or wastewater areas, refrigeration, fire pumps, and even engine cooling.

These pumps have also been shown to not require much maintenance, and the little maintenance they do need is relatively easy to administer. Add in the reliability, and it’s little wonder why many companies across many industries use these pumps.

Many Industries That Use Them

There are many industries that use Ampco pumps today. Some of these industries include pharmaceuticals, food and beverage retailers, dairy, marine, sanitation, bio-medical, and more. These pumps provide cost-effective solutions in maintaining operations in an efficient manner.

The several variations of pumps allow for different applications, such as those projects that require the transportation of critical, sensitive liquids (such as hot oil) from one location to another, or the removal of waste from a location. There are also a number of motor options that can be added to these pumps, which make them quite versatile across a wide variety of tasks.

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