Outsourcing Custom Sheet Metal Fabrication

One of the most dramatic changes to the business model used by Original Equipment Manufacturers in the United States and throughout most of the world is the move from completing all manufacturing processes in-house to the use of outsourcing.

By outsourcing specialized types of processes, such as custom sheet metal fabrication, the OEM can often save a significant amount of money while also increasing quality control and precision fabrication.

There are several reasons why outsourcing custom sheet metal fabrication is a cost-effective option. To understand the basics and how they would apply to any OEM, consider the following issues.

Specialized Equipment and Expert Staff

By using companies that provide sheet metal fabrication as one of a handful of services they offer, an OEM can take advantage of the company’s expertise and experience as well as their state-of-the-art equipment.

Trying to maintain the latest in equipment and technology for both design services as well as production capabilities can be very challenging for a general manufacturing service. Specialized services have the demand and the continual use of equipment to allow for continual upgrades.

These services also attract the most skilled fabricators. This experience and expertise lead to precision work and production to specific tolerances.

Ability to Lower Costs and Solve Problems

By using state-of-the-art equipment and highly skilled staff, custom sheet metal fabrication processes can be optimized for fast, efficient
production. The more parts made per time period, the lower the individual cost per part. This is beneficial to the OEM as it provides cost savings for the project.

Complex parts can be easily fabricated through the use of specialized sheet metal fabrication companies. With their years of experience in working with OEMs across industries, creative solutions can be quickly generated to keep production on schedule and on budget.

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