Why AC Condensers in Illinois Are Important Truck Components

To properly maintain your semi-trailer truck, you need to ensure the operability of your AC condenser. The air conditioning condenser is located directly in front of the truck’s radiator. This location is ideal as it permits refrigerated vapor to flow through the AC system. Therefore, the driver can feel cool and comfortable while traveling.

Various Styles and Types

AC condensers in Illinois are not all the same, however. They are featured in various styles and types. The type of truck that you drive will determine your selection of an AC condenser. Usually, heavy-duty condensers are manufactured with aluminum. However, this was not always the case. Air conditioning condensers were once made of brass or copper.

Don’t Confuse Your AC Condenser with the Radiator

Sometimes AC condensers are believed to be radiators. That is because the two parts look similar. However, an AC condenser is slimmer than a radiator and depends on a flow of air to operate.

Keeping the Cool Air Flowing

When AC condensers need to be replaced, the mechanic must make sure to connect the hoses properly. Three hoses are featured that keep the AC working. These hoses are colored yellow, red, and blue. The yellow hose is linked to the recovery machine, while the red hose is linked to the high side pressure port. The blue hose is connected to the low side pressure port. All of the hoses must be tightly connected to prevent any leaks.

Where to Obtain Additional Details

If you run into problems with your truck’s cooling, give a quick scan of the hoses. You will also want to visit an expert in the field of AC condenser and radiator repairs. You can find out more information along these lines when you visit dbheattransfer.com. Make sure that your AC condenser is in good shape for summer travel. When your truck’s air conditioning performs well, it makes driving the truck that much more enjoyable.


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