5 Tips for Hiring a Trustworthy Moving Team

Changing addresses can be tedious and tiresome. If you’re thinking about moving from California to Texas, hiring a moving team can simplify the process. Read on to know how to pick a trustworthy moving crew.

Be on the lookout for signs

Be on your guard. Know the signs that point to a dodgy mover. If you’re the estimator spends more time running his fingers over your shiny, brand-new electronics equipment over checking every item on the inventory list, then it’s best that you sever your ties with that company and get help somewhere else.

Research for leads

Go online and look for companies that offer moving assistance that fits your requirements and needs. You could also reach out to people on your contact list, Real Simple says. You’d be surprised at how many good leads you can snag this way.

Be honest

Don’t try to scam the mover by hiding a few items only to try to sneak them past the moving team on D-day. The company may end up billing you extra huge charges, especially if you ask them to move a hefty item or oversized furniture at the very last minute.

Review the estimate

Before you sign on the dotted line, review the estimate. Find out exactly what you’re paying for and how much you’re shelling out money for those services. If there are any services on that list you think you can do without, then talk to your moving firm to negotiate a different arrangement.

Cover the basics

Moving from California to Texas can be stressful. That’s why hiring the right moving team is a must. You’ll want to cover the basics by checking if the company is licensed and insured. If that’s not the case, then keep looking until you find other companies that fit the bill.


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