Whistle While You Walk: Going The Extra Mile for Health

Sure, you can join a gym to get in shape, or run laps around the park to burn off those extra calories. However, vigorous exercise isn’t the only component to health, and you’ll want to incorporate a range of light to moderate activities that get your blood flowing on a regular basis. Among others, adding a walk to your daily routine is one of the best ways to boost your resting health.

Boost Your Mood

Not only will the release of endorphins add an instant jolt to your mood, but the fresh air will do wonders for your clarity and mental calm. In fact, research suggests that walking may be just as effective as medication at treating depression.

Tone Up

Not only will walking help to keep your weight in control, but it will tone muscle groups that are best kept active for long-term use. Integrate a bit of pre- and post-walk stretching (free yoga!) to loosen up ligaments and tendons even more.

Strengthen Your Heart

Like the rest of your body, your heart is a paradigmatic example of the age-old saying to use it or lose it. Indeed, research suggests that walking thirty minutes per day can significantly reduce your risk of heart disease, potentially adding years to your life.

Boost Your Metabolism

Not only will walking burn calories, but the constant movement will both regulate and boost your metabolism in times of rest. Walk faster, for longer, to get the most benefit from this simple trick.

Whether you’ve just taken your first stroll around the block or already are an avid speed-walker, walking for fitness is one of the best foundations you can build for your journey to health. At The MAX Challenge, we know how difficult it can be to take that first step, and we are excited to offer a supportive program of fitness, nutrition, and motivation to propel you further on your path. To learn more about the ultimate fitness experience in Houston, Texas, stop in today or learn more online at THE MAX Challenge of Houston, TX.


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