Sensors, Steps, and Sleep Cycles, Oh My! An Overview of How Fitness Trackers Work

With all the bells and whistles of 21st century technology, you’ll soon be at a loss if you can’t figure out how your shiny gadgets function. Case in point are fitness trackers, which can be an absolute godsend for those trying to keep an eye on their heath – or an absolute disaster for those who just can’t make them work!

Whether you’re on the market for a new device or have left yours to collect dust in the drawer, consider the following to get the most out of your smart-tech workout regimen:

What You Do

First, you’ll need to enter in your personal information. While it’s tempting to cut corners on this one, remember: your device can only work as well as the information it is given. Be honest when it comes to age, weight, and height, and take the time to measure strides and other prompts to provide a complete picture of your present fitness level.

What It Does

For those wondering fitness trackers work, the science lies in multi-axis sensors (most commonly, accelerometers) embedded within the device. Similar to the magnets in smartphones that keep your GPS on point, the variety of monitoring equipment in your fitness tracker will keep tabs on everything from your physical movement, to your blood sugar and oxygenation levels, to your sleeping patterns!

How It Works

Once your physical activity is completed and your personal data collated, your fitness tracker will sync the two together to tally your numeric stats. Measurements will be interpreted to reflect a range of data, from steps and breaths to calories burned and body temperature. Of course, even the most advanced fitness tracker is still a machine, and you should always assume an empirical margin of error.

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