If your business supplies professional painters or paint suppliers with tools and equipment, you’ll want to keep as many things in stock as your customers need. No one wants to wait for materials, especially a contractor that has to meet deadlines. So which paint sundries or extras should you keep in your inventory? Here are some things you may wish to consider.

Bucket Grids

A bucket grid is one of the handiest tools a professional painter can have. They are especially useful on big jobs where five-gallon buckets of paint are needed. Why do grids save time and energy? You don’t have to fill paint roller pans. In fact, you don’t need to use pans at all. If you serve painting contractors, you’ll want to have plenty of heavy-duty grids in your supply that are galvanized and reinforced.

Painter’s Cups

Painting with a brush can become tedious and difficult. That’s why many painting pros keep plenty of painter’s cups in their paint sundries supplies. Cups are an inexpensive way to simplify brush painting, and you can hang them on the side of your paint can when not in use. Most contractors will want to keep several of the handy items on hand.


It can take a long time for a painting contractor to paint things like rails and deck spindles. In fact, there are some areas that you can’t even get a small brush or roller in easily. That’s why painting mitts are some of the handiest paint sundries you can stock. All you have to do is slip on the mitt, dip it into the paint, and you can reach all the difficult spaces with ease.

Midget Rollers

Standard nine or eighteen-inch rollers are great for painting walls and ceilings, but what about corners and trim? It’s important to have plenty of small (3-inch) rollers in stock.

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