When To Use Blue Painters Tape

Professional painters have more than rollers and brushes in their kits. They also have blue painters tape. This is essential. Using it makes almost any painting job go a lot faster and smoother.

When to Use It

Painter’s tape is necessary if any painter wants to measure up to professional standards. Painter’s tape helps:

• Keep paint lines straight and crisp.

• Prevents paint bleeding into other areas

• Stops paint splatter

• Protects the areas being painted

By using painter’s tape, professionals ensure the lines are clean and sharp no matter whether the equipment consists of a roller or a paint brush.
Specific Applications

A painter finds using one of the different types of blue painters tape during the following applications a means of producing a better, crisper paint job:

• Interior components: Using painter’s tape ensures better protection for cabinets, crown molding, wainscoting, trim and window frames while helping the painter to produce straight lines

• Interior corners: This type of tape helps to mark off and protect those difficult to paint or stain corner elements, allowing you to paint the attached wall easily

• Interior floor and tile: Using painters tape provides the area with better protection from any spatter or bleeding

• Walls and ceilings

• Exterior surfaces: In this case, the choice of painters paint must be capable of withstanding the environmental conditions present. In this capacity, it can mask off door frames as well as window frames and glass.

Using Blue Painters Tape

Painter’s tape is an essential part of any professional painter’s bag of tricks. It helps him or her provide customers with a smooth, clean paint job. It removes the risk of undesirable spatters or bleeding. If a painter chooses to use blue painters tape, he or she has one further advantage. This type of tape comes off easily without any sticky residue.


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