Which is the best Mutual fund in India to invest in for SIP?

Mutual fund is created when various corporations combine their securities to generate a fund. There are various types of schemes for various types of investors. There are growth stocks, equity funds, debt funds, value stocks, dividend yield funds, tax saving funds and the list goes on. If you are a first time investor, you should certainly opt for professional help or guidance. Investing your life’s hard earned savings should only be done with careful consideration.

Here we discuss the benefits of investing in SIP plans and which is the best Mutual funds in India for SIP. SIP is known as Systematic Investment Plan, where investments are managed in a systematic and disciplined way. Instead of making a large investment once, you get the opportunity to invest on a regular basis. You can make investment periodically a certain amount of money. This helps to inculcate a good habit of saving. This certainly allows a part of your earnings to be saved for future. SIP plans are managed in a professional way in India, under strict regulation and monitoring. Therefore, you can be sure that your money is in safe hands.

If you are looking to invest in the best mutual fund for SIP, Chotta SIP schemes is considered as one of the best SIP plans in India. This SIP plan is mainly launched for those retail investors who have less income. For regular SIP schemes, the least amount that has to be made every month is merely Rs 500. But in this kind of plan, this conditioned a little relaxed in the schemes. In this scheme you make an investment from Rs 100 per month. This is certainly beneficial for retail investors who have very less income. All the retail investors with low income get a chance to invest in this type of mutual fund and get higher returns from the stock markets.

You can also benefit in the payment method as post-dated cheques can be used for this investment plan. The cheque will be used on the day of the payment.


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